VPN Server, VPN Client

Can I setup my own home VPN server with the MT300N-V2?, I don’t have a static IP address but I will use dyndns.com or any similar service. My application is that I want to access my home network while Im outside (in a travel) to use the IP-PBX, in addition to the secure browsing.

If yes, then can I configure another MT300N-V2 (as a VPN client) to connect to my home server so that I can plug an IP phone to it and use that IP-PBX?

If the above are applicable, would you please provide/ recommend some documentation to read about.

You should ensure the IP address is a public IP address, otherwise it can’t work.

btw, we have a site to site based on cloud solution, would you want to try?

Hi Kyson-lok,
Could you please explain and provide more details about the “site to site cloud solution”? Thanks

Here you are Site-to-Site Network - GL.iNet