VPN showing connected but local device IP still showing

I have wireguard VPN set up with mullvad on a Beryl AX. It shows connected to the VPN on the VPN dashboard, I’ve enabled “Block Non-VPN Traffic”, and I have internet. But connections still show my local device IP, not the VPN IP. Any idea how to fix this? Thank you!!!

How do you test? Try different services because they might cache the result.
Which VPN policy is active?

tested with whatismyip.com, whatismyipaddress.com

Not sure what you mean by policy?

Do a screenshot of your VPN section

It’s showing traffic going through the VPN, but anywhere I check shows my local IP not the VPN IP

Well. Now whatismyip.com etc are showing the correct location, without me changing anything. But it wasn’t working for over 24 hours, and it wasn’t just a caching issue, I tried IP location services I’ve never visited before.

Mullvad.net still shows this:

Should it be showing using Mullvad when the gl-inet router is connected to a Mullvad vpn server?

OK, I think this is fixed. The Mullvad.net issue was just iCloud private relay.

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