VPN site to site


All I need is to be able to access one RDP on my windows server.

Any sugestions?

How is the network deployed?

Is your windows server in a LAN network? i.e. behind a firewall.

Thanks for the reply,

The only firewall is the one integrated with the cable modem and its easy to disable.

I have a small network in office 1 (4 computers and the server) and I need to connect to the windows server from my office 2.


I see.

Can you check if you have vpn server on your office 1’s main router? You need to set up vpn server on that router then connect to it in office 2.

We have this solution actually. Please check wireguard settings.

You need to use two routers. One in your office 1 as server, one in your office 2 as client. You can use both router as main router so it simplify your settings. Otherwise you just need to set up port forward in your main router.

After you setting up this, office 2’s devices can connect to devices in office 1 directly.

Thanks, I will try this.