VPN Speed


Thanks to help here I gave now got the VPN (ip vanish) working on my MT300 however speed is only about 5 megabits and even just trying to sync my Dropbox seemed to take forever this morning.

Appreciate any advice please

thank you

VPN speed depends on a lot of things. ISP speed at your location, VPN Provider used, and which one of the VPNs Servers you connect do. If you make the identical VPN connection without the MT300 in the loop, what speed do you get?


Connected on my iPad right now without the MT300 i.e. Using the Virgin Hub 3 I get 140 - then swapping to the MT300 without VPN I get 29 then now applying the VPN I get 4

Can you connect Ipad directly to VPN (run the VPN on the IPAD) and measure?


Thanks - just done that and get 9

MT300N can provide max around 10 Mbps but the speed can be affected by many issues. You may change encryption and vpn server and try.

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Have tried many changes but still never sake to get more than 4 would it perhaps be better if I swapped to use a
GL-AR300M ?

@Geoff-S, I don’t think shifting to AR300M will solve this issue. Sorry I cannot determine the reason remotely.

Thank you for replying will keep on trying !

Change the channel for your wifi. I can get around 20mbits using a clear channel. Try auto and see the difference. When selecting the channel, I got a very slow connection because I picked one that was in common use. Playing around with the channel made a big difference.

Also, VPN speeds depend on the congestion on the VPN. Lots of uses at the same time = slow speed. Try a different location or a different time to compare.