VPN (stupid?) question

What happens if I run a Wireguard client on a device internal to my Wireguard server network setup on my main router?

i.e Wireguard server setup on my main Gl.iNet Router (B1300), client is connected via WiFi to the B1300. Wireguard client on client activated.

Does this actually do anything?

In a LAN, you can connect wireguard normally, although I don’t know the purpose of this.
This may be the furthest distance in the world :grinning:

But does it actually Vpn my traffic?

You can do it. But rather pointless.

VPN inside your own network protects nothing.

This is useful for E750 though which you may take outside and shift to 4G network and vpn still works.

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Ahh, thanks. That’s the answer I wanted.

Yes using with the Mudi or Spitz or any other device that may use an external connection does make sense :slight_smile:

Another use case is if you are for example at university or something like this, where a lot of people could connect to the same network as you. The network is relatively safe, but could have someone sniffing the traffic. You could then setup a router at the edge router of the uni (if you can access it wink wink). Then you could secure the connection internally to your PC.

Some universities block torrents and other links as well, they have DNS filtering, so you would bypass those systems. They are usually internally somewhere in the network, not at the edge router.

So that could be a use case in an internal network :slight_smile:

However, the best thing in that case is to just have a VPN server at home, and tunnel all the way out.

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