Vpn too slow

hi again,

after connecting my gb-inet 300N-V2 to my vpn server i’ve been a little disapointed with performance.

i have the firmware 3.011 and with the vpn disconnected i have 68mb per second.
if i connect the vpn i get 2mb

it is not a vpn performance problem because if i connect to the same vpn (wireguard) on my laptop i can get 50mb download and 9 upload
what can i do to have a better performance?

can i disable something?

appreciate your help

With my new AR750S and ShadowSocks I think I probably have something similar.

Apart from the somewhat-subjective experienced speed since I do not know how to test it, the expricened stability or consistency when visiting GFW-blocked websites (google.com for instance)is nowhere near ideal - sometime it just does not work at all, and sometimes Chrome just displays “Your connection is not private”.
Just like you, when I connect to the same SS server on laptop, it never fails, and maybe faster as well.

This may or may not have something to do with GL-iNet, but if they happen to have a tutorial that helps end-users troubleshoot and identify the problem that’d be awesome.


You can attempt to change the mtu_fix and MTU value.