VPN + TOR on the router and VPN on the computer

Hi together,

I have got following setup:

The Slate Wifi6 router running a VPN (including killswitch) via the OpenVPN client.
after the VPN, the internet is routed through the Tor network.

then my computer gets via LAN connection Internet from the box and on my computer runs again a VPN (another provider).

Now I have the following problem, which makes me a bit puzzled:

I have a 200 Mb/s line without all the stuff.

If I activate only the VPN on the router I have about 60 Mb/s

If I now enable the Tor function on my router I still have about 5 Mb/s

But if I now connect the second VPN via the VPN client on my computer I suddenly have an internet speed of 50 Mb/s.

Unfortunately I am absolutely no expert, but with my understanding it doesn’t make sense how this should be technically possible and therefore I am worried that the Tor function or possibly even the Tor+VPN(router) is deactivated when I activate my VPN via the client on the computer.

Would be very happy about an expert opinion or a little clarification.

Best regards and have a great weekend,

Do you mean you use Tor on the router and vpn on your pc, you have 50Mbps?

It seems not possbile. Pls check all the setup to see if you have anything not attended.

BTW, you should not use Tor on the router and vpn on your pc. By using this setup, the vpn service provider knows which website you are visiting, defecting the purpose of Tor.

You should use VPN on the router, use Tor in your pc.

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