Vpn + tor


First i want to say that i am a very happy customer. I own several GL-MT300N-V2

I use it them only for vpn at the moment. But is it possible to setup that router model to do vpn + tor?

And can it be done in a way so that the router makes sure that the tor connection is as safe as the vpn connection?. I mean so that it simply denies internet not only if vpn fails, but also if the tor connection after the vpn connection fails?

My final question is also if it is possible to use dns encryption on the router, at the same time as running vpn+tor?

It would be very appreciated with a very detailed guide to this specific setup. I am not experienced in setting up routers

Thank you alot


Pls use vpn on the router and then Tor browser on you pc, best setup.

  • The name of this function is “Kill switch” and is impemented on this time by gl router for VPN connections. You can activate it by GUI on webinterface of the router.

  • The GL router can used without VPN, with VPN or by Tor. The Kill switch function looks for me like are not implemented by gl router for Tor. If I remember right, this missing function is already on bug and feature request list. A I am not absolutly sure, so I addet it now, possible again to the list:

  • 2021, gl-inet Firmware 3.2, shorttest of snapshot version

Offering VPN and Tor at the same time by router are not implemeted yet. A you can use p.e. VPN by router and Tor browser on your pc. I added the idea of Tor by gl router over VPN by gl router now to the bug an feature request list:

Thank you so much for that

Yes it would be great if future firmware could give the option to use vpn+tor on the routers

I would also like to request the kill switch function to also be possible for the tor part, so that if just any of the 2 connections breaks, either vpn or tor, there will be no internet

Maybe you could also make it possible that all non-tcp traffic is just blocked when using the tor function, so that the router itself would be as leak-proof as running an whonix gateway on software?



You are welcome. Thats perhaps help by the daily improvement of the products.

I think it already works for the Tor part.

The only problem is DNS is not blocked by killswitch.