VPN Wiregaurd Server Slow Why? - Brume 2

Hi there,

Wonder if anyone would know why the VPN server I setup is going terribly slow?

So bought a GL.iNet MT2500 (Brume 2) and set the VPN server up with wireguard.

When i login as a client from my phone or from my other GLI router (Slate Plus - which runs quick on another wiregaurd server as a client) the internet speeds are terribly slow. I have no idea what is causing this. Would anyone know what to look for? I made sure its up to date on the version its running and set the Brume to restart every day to ensure that it resets its self incase of any software issues. Its set up on the port forward side of my home router and has a static IP within my network.

As for my home internet speeds they are incredibly good. For additional context I also run a windows server on my network and I am able to remote into it from anywhere without any issues and still maintain great upload and download speeds. Its just this Brume device that is incredibly slow.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and let me know if you have any suggestions.

Thank you!

I’d think it’d help immensely to show some numbers as a baseline then what you see when using the different WG connections. Try OpenSpeedTest.com & post the relevant labelled screenshots. It can also be self-hosted.

Adding the results of logread from SSH or LuCI’s respective may help.

route -ne might give some insight on how things are being, well, routed. wg should give an overview of what endpoints are connected & some basic stats.

IDK if the Burme2 &/or Slate Plus support auto-sensing on their ports (though I would assume they do) but directly connecting the two in a crossover configuration for a direct server/client relationship & using perf3 to benchmark would help take the variable of Internet speeds out of the equation.[0] perf3 v 3.7-1 is in GL.iNet’s 19.07.x repos/‘feeds’ so I’d expect it’s there in 21.x. This might be easier than self-hosting OpenSpeedTest if you’re comfortable w/ the CLI over SSH.

I’m writing this fr my experience when I had to do some similar troubleshooting w/ WG on my GL-AR750. In my case it was a MTU issue; YMMV.

  1. iPerf3 – Test Network Speed/Throughput in Linux

Maybe you can just list the speeds without vpn and with vpn, including download and upload.