VPN Wireguard Leak

I have added my WireGuard conf file from my Unifi Dream Router at home to my Beryl router for travel use and once I get done putting a name for it. It says that there will be a vpn leak and doesn’t show my public ip address from my home. But when I use that same conf file on my iPhone works perfect. Is there something I’m doing wrong when configuring because I can’t figure out what’s going on?

What is your firmware on Beryl?

For wireguard, when there is allowedips settings to split tunnels, the router will warn about this.

BTW, Beryl has 4.x firmware so please upgrade. It cope with wireguard better.

For your leak, you need to give details, e.g. wireguard config to check.

I have upgraded to 4.1.0 beta3 firmware from 3.215 and it seems like it has fixed my issues to connecting to my home router. Thanks!

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