VPNHUB Configurations

Hi everybody,
I own a GL-AR750 and would like to configure the VPNHUB vpn service, here is their webpage https://www.vpnhub.com/.
I sent them an email asking for the configuration file but they said they only support Windows, Mac, Android and iOS.
Do you have an idea how to “install” this vpn into the travel router?
Unforunately I only have limited skills about IT.

Thank you for your kind support,


Up for the message…
No one able to give any suggestions???



They don’t appear to have info about the config files on their site.
If you are a subscriber to their VPN, send them an email and ask them for either OpenVPN configuration files or Wireguard configuration files for Android.

Once you have one of those two you can follow the guide on gl.inet support page on how to install them (depending if you get openvpn or wireguard).

This depends on your VPN provider’s ability to supply those files to you in the first place.

If you have an account with them maybe they have a Client Area on their main web page where you can login and search there for the config files.

Just email them first and see what they say.

If they do not support manual configure using openvpn then it may not work on the router.

If you have already their subscription, you may try download Mac OS app and unzip it. Check if they have openvpn configuration there.

As you said you only have limited IT skills, I suggest you try a verified server.

That’s great guys,
I’ll give them another try asking for the Android config file.
To be honest this VPNHUB, is great because if you guys are connected to a US server is 100% free, no daily or monthly data cap and most important is bloody hell fast.
Thank you for your suggestions
As soon as I’ll have the file, I’ll post it here.

Vpnhub faq

How do I use Desktop Version ?

To use the Desktop version of VPNhub on Windows or MacOS, you need to be a premium member. Please check the section “How do I become a Premium user?”

So you Need Premium Version Free Version works only with iOS and android if I understand that correct

And I read somewhere vpnhub use ipvanish network

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