VSFTPD LuCI module (GL-AR150 3.105)

Please help to add a module to LuCI for managing VSFTPD (3.0.3-2 no TLS)

Thanks +)

AR150 is not powerful enough to run vsftpd.

Is this UI supported to openwrt repo? If yes then we can include it when you upgrade.

Alzhao is very glad to see you again! VSFTPD is located and installed from the default repository in all your firmwares, but it has a very inconvenient configuration file, so I found a project with a web interface in a module for LuCi. unfortunately only in the form of non-compiled sources on github. I think that there is definitely a simpler and more elegant solution to include it in the default device firmware configuration, but I have not seen this … ideally it would be just as easy to add the transmission module for p2p networks, it will definitely work well on new models.
I will try to connect other repositories and look for ready-made solutions there.

I found an error in the interface now, maybe this information will be useful to you

You mean try exroot?