VXLAN Support on GL-X3000 or any GLiNet device

Looking for one device to do vxlan over an ipsec tunnel.

Can the GL-X3000 support this?

IDK about over IPSec but here’s some promising links. You’re going to need LuCI at a minimum:

… the OpenWrt Forums are probably going to be the best place to get what 'ya need:

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Thanks, I noticed that luci-proto-vxlan isn’t showing up as an installable option.

Is there a way to sideload a package?

LuCI → System → Software → Software → Actions → Upload Package… should be the easiest. Expect there’s probably going to be unmet dependencies required by whatever ipkg you’re uploading.

You can also add addn’l feeds through Actions → Configure opkg…

… but do make a backup of your current state if something goes sideways & ya gotta bail out:

I posted the same question over in the openwrt forums and they pretty much told me its not supported since version of openwrt isn’t supported by the device and I should speak with Gl iNet.

Oh, I see luci-proto-vxlan requires 22.03.0 while vxlan has a minimum of 18.06.0. Your Spitz AX is advertised as 21.02 (GL GUI → System → Upgrade).

Technically I suppose you could still do it without the LuCI interface… or hold tight until a future GL firmware drops. The next series are going to be based on OWRT 22.03.4, IIRC.