Vypr VPN (not functioning)


I downloaded the 256 bit openvpn files from the vypr VPN website and uploaded them on the GUI.

The status says that I am connected to the vpn server (whichever one I choose), and a small amount of data is sent and received. However, webpages will not load…

Any help appreciated.

P.s I entered username and password for the open VPN files when prompted. I am using an AR300M.

p.p.s I can navigate this forum while the vpn is enabled, as well as my online chat (previously logged in without vpn). However, I am unable to load other pages in a new browser window…

Any luck? I have the same issue using NordVPN: status is connected, but i dont have any access to internet…

No luck… I have not received any support from GLI

Which firmware version are you using? If not v2.25 please upgrade. If already is, please let me know. I will try on Tuesday.

I am using firmware 2.25.

Did you investigate this? I still have no functionality with the VPN enabled.

I just bought a vypr vpn account, download the ovpn files from here: Golden Frog Support

In the zip there is 160 and 256 folder and I exact the 256 folder and zip it,

upload it to firmware and enter my account name and password when prompt.

The choose several servers to connect.

I checked my ip address and browse the Internet including hulu and netflix. All works good.


If you can visit some website and cannot visit some other, try check dns problem. Does your browser say dns cannot be solved? Also suggested in vyprVPN website they suggest you to use customer DNS: and You can try to input this in the router’s settings. Also you can try to set up DNS in your computer’s DNS settings (at the same time don’t set custom dns in the router)



I have the same probleme with VyprVpn on the AR300m Router.
however with version 2.25 it was working great. But all other version after the 2.25 no chance to get it working, with the same .zip, .ovpn files and user/pass. I am sure that’s some thing to do with the AR300M firmeware.

any help will be welcome