VyprVPN after FW update not working


I recently updated my TravelRouter Opal (GL-SFT1200) and GL-AR750S-EXT to the newest/latest FW.
Since I update the devices, the VyyprVPN doset work anymore.
→ can’t connect!
I tried a test with (free test account, ExpressVPN) and here the VPN connect/works.

On my old GL-AR300M (FW3.104) the VyprVPN works.

I assume a problem with the newer FW that are provided by GLiNet.

Any idea? Known issue?

Thx Peter

Check if you have this line and remove it. Then upload your ovpn again.

compress lzo

If this is not the case, pls post your ovpn content for a check.


I’m sorry but I have no idea what to do with this info.
Can you give me a hint?

Thx Peter

I mean your ovpn file. Post its content (remove cert etc)

i oped the OVPN file and it starts with this:

dev tun
proto udp
remote de1.vyprvpn.com 1194
resolv-retry infinite
verify-x509-name de1.vyprvpn.com name
keepalive 10 60
verb 3

→ i have comp-lzo in there. Should I remove this line and retry?

Thx Peter

Yes. comp-lzo is deprecated in OpenVPN 2.4 and higher.

Does VyprVPN not support WireGuard? It would make your life a lot easier (and probably happier with the increased bandwidth).

This should not be the problem. The problem is “compress lzo” not supported.

Does the UI show some error?

Hi actually situation:
My GL-AR300M, FW 3.104 works fine.

The GL-MT1300 and GL-AR750S with latest FW 3.203 does not connect (details below).
When I remove the COMP-LZO, it connects but is slow like hell, not usable.

MSG out of the connection window:

*VERIFY OK: depth=1, C=CH, ST=Lucerne, L=Meggen, O=Golden Frog GmbH, CN=VyprVPN Intermediate CA, emailAddress=admin@goldenfrog.com*
  • *VERIFY X509NAME OK: C=CH, ST=Lucerne, L=Meggen, O=Golden Frog GmbH, CN=de1.vyprvpn.XXX, emailAddress=admin@goldenfrog.com
  • *VERIFY OK: depth=0, C=CH, ST=Lucerne, L=Meggen, O=Golden Frog GmbH, CN=de1.vyprvpn.XXX, emailAddress=admin@goldenfrog.com
  • *Control Channel: TLSv1.2, cipher TLSv1.2 ECDHE-RSA-AES256-GCM-SHA384, 4096 bit RSA
  • *[de1.vyprvpn.XXX] Peer Connection Initiated with [AF_INET]128.xx.xx.xx:1194


  • TCP/UDP: Preserving recently used remote address: [AF_INET]128.xx.xx.xx:1194*
  • *Socket Buffers: R=[163840->163840] S=[163840->163840]
  • *UDP link local: (not bound)
  • *UDP link remote: [AF_INET]
  • *TLS: Initial packet from [AF_INET], sid=eef27c16 630233ec