W-Fi not visible on Beryl MT1300

My Beryl is running successfully in router mode. I’m trying to enable Wi-Fi:

But the Beryl’s access point is not visible to my phone. (Other access points are visible to the phone, so I know the phone is working.) Luci says “Wireless is not associated”, but I can’t find anything on the Web to tell me what that really means. (Sorry, I’m only allowed one attached file, so I can’t provide a screenshot.)

I noticed that the Wi-Fi hardware was configured for China, rather than the UK, and so I changed it, but that made no difference. Here’s the current setting:

root@GL-MT1300:/# egrep 'config|country' /etc/config/wireless 
config wifi-device 'mt7615e5'
        option country 'GB'
config wifi-iface 'wifi5g'
config wifi-device 'mt7615e2'
        option country 'GB'
config wifi-iface 'wifi2g'
config wifi-iface 'guest5g'
config wifi-iface 'guest2g'

I tried to update to the latest available firmware, but the upgrade failed, and so I’m still on 3.201.

How can I enable Wi-Fi on this device?

Many thanks for any help you can give.

I forget the exact details, but there was some sort of key error in the upgrade path in the 3.0 versions. If you upgrade all of them sequentially (instead of jumping from where you are straight to 3.215) you should be able to upgrade.

I would do that and then power straight through to the 4.0 beta, as the wifi drivers have changed in the newest release.

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Thanks for the tip. That’s potentially disruptive, and I can’t be without Internet access during the working week, so I’ll have to wait for next weekend before attempting the upgrade.

Are there any solutions that don’t involve running beta code?

Flash stock OpenWRT which is using the mt76 stack.

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First you should upgrade the firmware.

Second, I saw that you changed country to GB. Maybe that caused an issue. What is the channel of the 2.4G and 5G wifi?

Thanks for coming back to me, @alzhao. @jdub has suggested upgrading one step at a time, so I’ll try that this coming weekend, when downtime will be less of a problem.

The Wi-Fi was already non-functional when I changed the country code from CN to GB. That change was an attempt to fix the problem. I’m in the UK, and I don’t know whether a phone in the UK is compatible with a Wi-Fi access point configured for China.

I’ve set the 2.4GHz access point to channel 11, because a Wi-Fi analyser on my phone tells me that nothing else is transmitting anywhere near that channel. I’ve left the 5GHz channel at auto for now.

Pls try changing country code to the same for both 2.4G and 5G.

Pls let me know all the changes so that I can try the same.

Hi! Both country codes were already set to ‘GB’, but I’ve rebooted the MT1300 just to make absolutely sure. Here’s what we have now:

root@GL-MT1300:~# egrep 'config|country' /etc/config/wireless
config wifi-device 'mt7615e5'
        option country 'GB'
config wifi-iface 'wifi5g'
config wifi-device 'mt7615e2'
        option country 'GB'
config wifi-iface 'wifi2g'
config wifi-iface 'guest5g'
config wifi-iface 'guest2g'
root@GL-MT1300:~# iw list

The MT1300’s Wi-Fi SSID is not visible to my phone.

iw list doesn’t display any wireless devices, and so I wonder whether we’re using the right driver. I see this in syslog:

[   19.821413] mt7615_init()-->
[   19.824302] Use the default ePAeLNA bin image!
[   19.828725] Use the default /etc_ro/wlan/MT7615E_EEPROM1.bin bin image!
[   19.835351] <--mt7615_init()

No such file exists anywhere on the router:

root@GL-MT1300:/# find / -name MT7615E\* 2>/dev/nul

How can we get Linux to see the Wi-Fi device?

I don’t know what is wrong. Can you just try firmware 4.x for MT1300? It uses open source wifi driver.

I just had the same thing with the Beryl plugged into a USB socket that I found on the source router for power. When I plugged the Beryl into a regular USB power source the wifi started working fine.

The Wireless admin panel showed the exact same display both times, and I had a solid white light. So I suspect that if the Beryl is slightly underpowered, it still looks like it is working but the wireless circuit isn’t live.

I figured I would try a different power source before completely resetting the unit, and I lucked out.

If you mean USB socket on power strips etc. that could be the reason.
Usually these USB power has very big noice. Don’t use these for your phone as well.

You should use the original power adapter for Beryl or use one charging your phone.

Ah that makes sense. I was thinking power level but you’re right, it could easily be noise.

It would be great if the Beryl could identify this. It must know that its wifi circuit isn’t working, and it reports both WiFi networks as live.

Sorry for my long absence. I can’t be without the MT1300, and so I haven’t dared upgrade to beta software.

I’ve bought a second MT1300 to isolate an untrusted laptop from my network, and it’s developed the same problem: no Wi-Fi. In both cases, I use the power supply that came with the MT1300.

I noticed this evening that the gl_init script is disabled on both machines. I didn’t disable it myself. /etc/init.d/gl_init looks as if it helps to set up Wi-Fi. Should that startup script be enabled?

This script will disalbe itself after run because it is init script. So it should be normal.

No 2.4G and 5G? Can you send the log to check?

Certainly. I’ve attached logs from both systems, and I’ve added ifconfig just in case that helps.

beryl-logs.zip (35.7 KB)

In one config, there is no log about wifi at all. What is the content of /etc/config/wireless?