Wall mount recommendation for AR750 / AR750s

might be an odd question -

I need to wall-mount several AR750 and AR750s
googled quite a bit but found no “official” or “unofficial” mount / bracket etc.

have any of you used anything you can recommend to properly and elegantly?
since they are going to be mounted in a publicly-visible spot I want to do it nicely.


There are already a few mounts on the GL store here:

Send an email to customer support and see if there is a mount for the AR750s as well :slight_smile:

@Johnex -
have already did quite a bit of search and research and found that the ones available are not aimed at the devices which are considered as “travel” devices…

but I thought to myself that I can’t be the only kook that want’s to use these wonderful affordably-powerful devices in a properly mounted setup :slight_smile:

Actually no. The mounts were only added to the store after users requested it here on the forums. Like i said contact support and see what they say to get the final answer.

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No official by any means, but I’ve mounted AR750s by removing the rubber feet (shifting them over so that the screw holes are exposed but keeping them on the bottom of the unit to ensure it sits uniformly), taking the two screws out, and then running two 3/4" #2 screws (like these: https://www.digikey.ca/product-detail/en/serpac/6007/SR6007-ND/307639) through holes I drilled in a standard 4" square electrical box cover plate up into the AR750s where the originals were. Gives you a nice standard size that you can mount to electrical boxes (i.e. with power and network cables coming out one of the knock outs and plugging in) or directly onto the wall since the cover plate screw holes are wider than the AR750s.

Looks clean and professional, only tricky part is making sure you’re very careful to drill the mounting holes for the AR in exactly the right spot as it’s an odd spacing and with such tiny screws there’s not much room for error…

found a cool, affordable and foldable mount -

Hi all. I too am looking for a wall mount for the AR750S. It appears that they did have one for a minute\https://store.gl-inet.com/products/accessories?variant=32121681805406
however it is sold out and they informed me that they are not restocking it.
I understand that the 750 was discontinued, however, it is still sold on Amazon and Aliexpress and even on their own website, I just bought it. I would buy a newer model but those are bulkier so I will stick with this one. I do need a wall mount though, this will go in an RV. I found one 3D print model but that doesn’t really work very well. I’d just like one of the mounts that was made for this. Or something else that works equally well.

For anyone interested, I ended up making one for 3D printing.

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