Wan as bridge on flint 2


I’m trying to replace my old openwrt router with a flint2.

I did the same on flint2 with fw 4.5.6 but the br-wan doesn’t come up.

Here is the configuration of the old router.

Thank you

Hmm :thinking:

i think what you optionally want is:

  • add all interfaces in br-lan including the wan port device.

  • turn the protocol of interface lan into dhcp client.

  • make sure the checkbox inside interface lan under the dhcp settings tab ignore dhcp is checked then it will not work as a dhcp server anymore.

  • then you want to remove wan and lan zones from the firewall configuration, set all global rules to accept.

  • you also want to disable dnsmasq and firewall from the startup, note for dnsmasq you may not want this if you want a reservation for a maintenance port.

  • remove all other interfaces if you are sure it does not conflict with gl-inet software.

Also i advise to backup before doing changes :+1:

What you are proposing is different from i want…

I have 3 device to increase the coverage… one for each floor…

The one at the lower floor is configured as a normal router, the one on the upper floor as an access point.
The one in the middle should be configured as an access point but should provide a separate physical LAN network to isolate for my TV set (samsung) to avoid it to connect to some site. The idea is to use the two 2.5 GB port as bridge with WiFi to connect the lower and upper floor…

That’s why I need to bridge them … because I want to use the separate Lan to NAT and use dnsmasq to override the DNS host I need.

That’s worked on plain openwrt on another old device. I want to do the same on the flint… By why I cannot create a new bridge br-wan? Or better I can create it on Luci but it won’t be really created if I check it from ash, with brctl show.

If I create it with brctl add (etc) from ssh it doesn’t detect the cable when plugged