WAN Bonding?

Is this at all possible using GL.iNet? By that I mean combining multiple internet sources’ speed to achieve a bigger combined internet speed. Thanks in advance for any replies.

You can achieve this using the mwan3 package, this will ensure the fastest link is always used. However it will only be performing load balancing on a connection basis. There is no way to combine all the ISP links at the same time to get a faster speed otherwise with this or any device.

So each connections speed will be limited to the bandwidth of the fastest link at the time the connection is made.

Hope this helps.

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Many thanks indeed for confirming what I have suspected. Any simple guide on how to use this mwan3 package for a total beginner?

Try these links, they are pretty good including the official docs.


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Also, make sure to install the luci-app-mwan3 package, else it wont show up in the network menu under luci interface.


Thank you for your help. I will check these links out. Much appreciated.

Thanks, I needed to know this…
I went into advanced, and search for packages with “mwan3” but nothing comes up.
How/where do I install it please?