WAN innacessible from SSH while tethering


I am very green when talking about network so please bare with me.

While trying to install Zerotier on my GL.inet router, I find out it does not connect to the server. Looking around and trying to find the issue, I found out that I can’t ping openwrt.org when I SSH in my router.

If i connect my laptop or iphone to the router and try to ping openwrt.org it works flawlessly, I can also easily install zerotier and get it working on a client connected on my router (phone, tablet etc…)

It looks like command accessing WAN on the router does not reach internet

Anyone would be kind enough to help me solve this issue ?

Not sure this is important to know but when this router is connected to wifi as a repeater it works OK but if It is connect to internet through tethering on 4G that’s when the problem occurs.

Zerotier and Tailscale both use firewall settings which conflict with the current GL.iNet implementation of various firewall rules/policies. Supposedly Version 4.2 will support both ZT and TS, though there is no firm date for release on that. (There are commits in the code which suggest that work is happening, but nothing concrete yet). I have not tried ZT personally, but with TS the issues come into play when you try to use an exit node - otherwise it works ok ish.

Depending on what router you have you can install a stock (or more stock) version of OpenWrt, which functions fine with both ZT and TS.

Thanks for this fast reply, I own a MT1300 router, are you aware if I can easily install a vanilla version of OpenWrt ?

Yes. There are official builds available. You’ll probably also need to install iptables-nft (package) if you get the 22.03 version, as I’m not sure whether ZT is compatible with nftables.

Pls note, Zerotier will be added to the default UI in firmware 4.2.0

Thanks for this input @alzhao, any idea if and when 4.2 will be made available for the MT1300 ?

should be soon as I just get 4.2 for AXT1800 minutes ago.

Some images for your reference.


Can we get Tailscale support for using a different login server?

It is possible to integrate ZeroTier and TailScale to UI for AR750S Slate and AR750 Creta last firmware, I think it’s 3.215 now?
Thank you.

No. Have to upgrade to 4.x firmware.

AR750s 4.x firmware is under development now.

OK, long time waiting for firmware 4.x for AR750S. Do you have some time planned to release this firmware?
Thank you.
Sorry, I’m out of post.

Maybe next week you will have first beta for AR750s. But may need some time to release.