WAN MAC changes on each boot kernel 5.4 AXT1800

I can’t find a setting where the wireless interface’s MACs stay the same on each reboot. None of the modes in More Settings → MAC Clone are making a change that survives rebooting. I tried default and clone, which the GUI does remember across boots, but for both cases all the wireless MACs change after reboot.

Ethernet MACs all stay unchanged.

I’m also experiencing same issue. Main Verizon router g3100 dhcp is loaded with leases that all claim to be active with different mac addreses for axt. normal behavior would be connection on Verizon router would go to inacative. stating hardware cause there may be two issues here. note this router has two 5ghz antennas with different mac addresses and I set axt wwan to 5ghz mode only.

You mean as repeater?

It looks like a bug.
But also a requirement by some users.

In both ways …

Sometimes it makes sense to generate a new MAC every now and than, when I’m traveling around a lot. But sometimes it is good to have one MAC for less configuration if I visit the same place often.

At the moment i have to bot the Slate AX, search for it in my network and need to put it from guest to dev … Until I have my VLAN config ready.
Very specific, here but nearly the same when I’ll stay in the same hotel every week and need to register every new check-in. Or worse, hotels that cut the power in the room, when you’re leaving the room → New portal-login every day or more.

Oh that’s gotta be a settable option, please!

I get free enhanced Internet due to my status at the hotel chain I use when traveling, but only if they recognize my MAC (otherwise I’d have to re-auth each time). I’m glad I’d held off on upgrading :expressionless:

I would almost say an advance version lets you store wireles mac’s and slect one with a setting of like
home 5g xx:xx:xx:xx:x1
hilton 2g xx:xx:xx:xx:x2
office 2g xx:xx:xx:xx:x3
change on every reboot checkbox “unselecting this keeps the current one”

what is the current fix for this (to keep the same mac address)

Firmware 4.0.2 fixed that.

Will there be a 5.4 kernel release soon with it fixed, too?

running 5.4 kernel here also (works better for phone tethering)
wouldn’t mind a temp uci or config file change fix for it.