WAN privacy and security

I have this router.

Some questions about WAN MAC:

  1. Can ISP see my MAC on WAN in SIM mode?
  2. Can ISP see my MAC on WAN in repeater mode?
  3. Can ISP see my MAC on WAN in cable mode? As I know, yes (link) but not sure about glinet routers.

If even one is “yes” how to make it different? Is there anything like feature in phones (AKA “private address”)?

No, ISP sees the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) and IMSI (International Mobile Subscriber Identity) of your mobile device or modem. The MAC address is not transmitted over the cellular network.

The ISP can't, but the upper network can, of course.

Depends on if the cable is connected to another router (then same like with repeater) or connected directly to the Internet (like with fiber sometimes) - if that's the case, then yes.

You can always randomize / change your MAC and/or IMEI.
Please be aware that this might violate laws and or contracts.

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Then how they detect that user uses SIM not in phone? They even detected my alarm!

If it is ISP router, can it reveal it to ISP?

Did not understand anything. Can you explain please?

Any manuals?

Due to traffic analysis, IMEI and TTL mostly.

Of course, if there is a function for it.

There are plenty. For example for IMEI: IMEI change - #9 by Johnex

Please search the forum for your use case and model.

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Is there any way to hide it?

I cannot control that router. There is only password and name setup settings. That’s all. It not even physically located in my apartment (it is outside, right behind the wall, locked in box)

TTL fixed. So what can I do more to bypass it?

Randomize your MAC address. That's the solution for all tracking.

Can't tell, depends on what your ISP does.

How to? Any guide? And only randomise? Can’t i send something like ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff or 00:00:00:00:00?

What can it? Is there general recommendations?