WAN to LAN connection present gateway IP

I have a GL-AX1800 with the last firmware, all base config.
I have 1 device connected in wifi (, and one device on ethernet (
I install a videogame server up (vrising, but doesn’t matter) on the eth PC, and when I try to connect to it with my wireless PC I can see that the connection IP come from my router IP ( and not my wireless pc IP (, so the server fail the connection, and I can’t play.
Can you help me? It seems like the WAN can’t see my LAN and viceversa.
Here some pic of the settings:
Imgur: The magic of the Internet

I’m not an IT expert, looks like a firewall issue, does the game require any ports to be opened.
link to Port Forwarding for V Rising

the firewall port are open Imgur: The magic of the Internet (I wanted to play with my friends online), tho this is a lan to lan connection, so I’m not sure this is a firewall problem, and more about some setting in the router on how internal connection are managed.
thanks for the answer anyway.

you can check your connection var terminal on your PC ethernet (
Open terminal type
“ping” if you get a reply back
“64 bytes from icmp_seq=1 ttl=64 time=3.61 ms”
if reply is like the above the LAN to LAN/Wifi ports are open.

if you are playing online with friends your connection will be LAN to WAN connection & maybe behind a firewall.