Want To Ask MT300N-V2 Test Firmware 3.104 Wireguard Improvement?

Hello Friends,

Is there any improvement for wireguard vpn on 3.104 test firmware ?
I read the release note which contain about vpn conflict but not mention wireguard specifically, can you confirm ?

Right now our users which mostly using 4G LTE connection got intermittent WG connection issue where they need to switch the WG configuration in order to reestablished the WG connection.

I suggest them to schedule wireguard_watchdog to run every minutes because i assume this is do too dynamic ip allocation on LTE connection which wireguard is not designed to work with CMIIW

Not sure if the update relates to your issue. Wireguard does not upgrade.

Is it a problem of UDP? Wireguard use UDP and may have problem in some environment.

Some people use openvpn, they have to use tcp connections other than UDP.

Hello, seems the problem in their WG server since I don’t have any issue on my local WG server.
It’s pretty stable

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