Wanted: MT300N-V2 with Luci and Captive Portal configuration

Don’t know if this is appropriate, but I need

someone to install and configure CAPTIVE PORTAL .

Luci UI must remain. OK for captive portal configuration through terminal.

I can send funds thru paypal.


Thank you.

I’m not sure if of use to you but we build a full captive portal solution based on the AR300M and LEDE 17.01.04

It is however a dedicated solution with LUCI disabled in favor of our own UI.

It is not available on the mt300n-v2 though as LEDE does not currently support the mt7628 chipset.

link: http://blue-wave.net/index.php?id=1:7


Currently confused here : you wrote “It is not available on the mt300n-v2 though as LEDE does not currently support the mt7628 chipset.”

explain what this means, cause the product is running, noted not with captive portal.

Also, we use the mt300n-v2 because its low power and it has great wifi and its low cost solution.

You ,see, we built cost effective video system with NUCS. and we attach the MT300n to help deliver educational videos in spanish for poor areas in south america countries. We used solar power and bring local wifi (no internet) to schools and churches. We supply old ipads and use HTLM5 to stream education videos. A captive portal will make the connection alot easier. Most of our funding comes from donation, I put my time for free as well as others for the cause… however, we do hire coders to help meet the requirements. I can’t see ourselves swapping out a new router at this time. I can’t find anything that’s less than this & that works as intended.


I don’t have too much experience in portal, just remind that you can try to configure a portal using the stock firmware. After it works for you, try to compile a firmware using our imagebuilder is the easiest way for you.

Bump. will pay good money.

Again MT300N-V2 with Luci and Captive Portal configuration. can paypal.

are you looking for custom image?

any more details on what you want for config

u ca try

opkg update opkg install coova-chilli

@norcimo LEDE does not currently support the mt7628 chipset. So the factory installed firmware uses the MTK closed source driver.

We use LEDE 17.01.04 for our captive portal therefore could not use the MT300N-V2. The AR300M-Lite is pretty much the same price as the MT300N-V2 but is a faster processor, so that is what we use (amongst others).

However, you can try installing NoDogSplash on your MT300N-V2 with stock firmware. It is easier to configure than Coova in a stand alone configuration.

We have an offline NoDogSplash configuration that would suit your requirements. Feel free to ask questions on Github at: GitHub - nodogsplash/nodogsplash: Nodogsplash offers a simple way to provide restricted access to an Internet connection using a captive portal. Pull requests are welcome!


ok. Thanks will check it out.

It s exactly what I need, offline nodog splash configuration…


in case I fail to get this running? are you willing to take this on? I can pay you.

Ok. I was able to install it and run it. I did some configuration… everything seems to work ok. Its capturing.


I see the splash screen. What do it need to do then, mod the HTML file? my goal is a local URL. But my understanding that it needs to authenticate? how do I proceed?


It only works when there is WAN (internet connected)… how do I configure it with out internet?

Thanks for your help. Send me your paypal… I can send some funds your way for your help,



nodogsplash should be a much easier one which don’t need Internet.

For second question, from: https://github.com/nodogsplash/nodogsplash/wiki/FAQ

Why does NDS not work when there is no Internet? (..and how to fix it)

Your Browser first needs to resolve to some IP address (via DNS) to make the actual HTTP request that can be intercepted by NDS. A solution is to run a DNS server along with NDS that returns a fake IP address when no Internet is present. For dnsmasq (e.g. on OpenWrt), you can use the address=/#/ setting in /etc/dnsmasq.conf, or use a dedicated solution.


I couldn't quite get it working, maybe BlueW can answer better...


For First question

Yep, you need to edit the /etc/nodogsplash/htdocs/splash.html file.


You can find an example here:



You put in whatever authentication you want in that file.


Here is a nice example


Add something like this to /etc/config/nodogsplash

PasswordAuthentication yes

UsernameAuthentication yes

Password nodog

Username guest

PasswordAttempts 10


It didn’t quite work for me, it allows any username and password


To view your splash page for testing use this link:

(Change IP to your router if needed)


Ok, I got it working

The password stuff was in old format, so I uncommented this line

option config ‘/etc/nodogsplash/nodogsplash.conf’

in /etc/config/nodogsplash

and added a /etc/nodogsplash/nodogsplash.conf with the password stuff

Not sure if that means it ignores the other stuff in /etc/config/nodogsplash

You might want to comment out the blocks of and if you want users to be able access any local IPs in those ranges

remove the .txt from file name


I got everything to work. The only thing is that darn internet connection. Without it, it won’t work.

Looking into the solution you posted.




“It is easy to make an offline captive web site, for use in a museum for example. All you have to do is add the line:
address=/#/[ip address of your museum tour webserver]
to the config of dnsmasq.
This however will stop any access to the Internet.”

Note: Sitewide username and password authentication is no longer supported in NoDogSplash (late v1 and v2). This has been replaced with Forwarding Authentication Service allowing you to build whatever type of authentication you may require in php: