Way to "Dismiss" ALL forum posts (or posts in one category) like dismissing "New" posts?


I checked the forum FAQ and searched a wee bit, so apologies if this has been asked and I missed it.

I was wondering if there was a way to “Dismiss” ALL forum posts (or the posts in one Category) like we can currently click the button to “Dismiss” new forum posts?



Sorry I don’t know either.

Hi, thanks

Was hoping ther’d be an update, could I ask for a “Mark This Forum Read” and “Mark All Forums Read” button please? This is pretty standard on most forums, ta.


I didn’t find such a button. Maybe need plugins.

Thanks - you don’t see these Dismiss Buttons for NEW Posts?
Was hoping for the same for ALL posts…

I saw the button for “new”. But don’t see such a button for all forum.

I wonder if that is necessary.

Look it’s your forum to operate as you see fit; but there are many, many forums (fora?) which have such a button, which in my view greatly enhances the way in which users can review topics which are of interest and mark the remainder as read.


You are right. Will check later.

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Hi alzhao,

Probably not top priority for you but it has been a little while, so I thought I would check how far you got with this?



No I haven’t found a solution yet.