Way to spoof hotspot data with 5G travel router?

So I've got a MT3000 that I use with an easytether plugin to spoof data from my android phone to AT&T when I travel that works pretty well, other than having to physically unplug and replug the phone every few hours because the connection will just randomly sh*t itself. My grandparents live out in the boonies and I've been looking at satellite and 5g internet solutions because they get like 1Mbps at the moment, but AT&T's hotspot plans run on the steep side for people living on social security and CD interest, so if I go the 5G route, I'd like to get a regular unlimited plan instead. Is there a plugin or other workaround that has been confirmed to work with AT&T specifically that will let me spoof the data with one of the glinet SIM routers? thanks for any insight!

I know it's not the answer you're probably looking for, have you looked at Starlink?

sure, but if I can get something that I already know works relatively well in their area set up at a similar pricepoint without having techs come in and install some proprietary modem i likely won't be able to configure or troubleshoot myself, i'll take that option

Can try copy the IMEI of the phone, to change the IMEI which is the router modem, probably can make the operator think that the router is a mobile phone. I guess. So can drop the tether phone.