Way to use both tether and WWAN togther?

Hello. I have my GL-AR300M connected to an iPhone tether (via USB) and a wireless hotspot. Is there a way for me to use both of these simultaneously? It automatically fails over from WWAN to TETHER, but I’m wondering if I can use both at the same time.

For example, can I route certain traffic to go over my TETHER, and the the remaining traffic to go over the WWAN?

At least, gl-inet firmware 3.105 currently has no easy way to do that.
1.WAN > 2.WWAN > 3.TETHER tends to be prioritized and bloody hard to use together.

It has been suggested that such a feature exists in the mwan3 module, but the situation is ambiguous because it is a fairly old module.
Also, it may be preferable to set up with vanilla OpenWRT firmware for such settings.

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