WDS Setup procedure

I am looking for a step by step procedure to set up WDS on an MT3000 or MT1300. My main So far, I haven’t been successful.

For both units I:

  1. Performed a factory reset (held button down for more than 10 sec.)
  2. Set up 2.4G band to the same SSID and WPA encryption as the main router.
  3. Restarted.

The MT1300 had a pulsing light on the front and was never heard from again until I performed another factory reset. No wifi, no ethernet, no IP address in the main router.

The MT3000 came up for a while. When looking at the clients on the main router the name, MT3000 came up for other wifi devices that must have been connecting through it. I currently have 2 wifi devices that I think are using it. In the main router one shows as online and the other show as offline even though I can connect and interact with both of the.

The little dialog that pops up after selecting WDS says to get the IP address from the client list on the main router. There is no listing for anything that resembles MT3000 now.

Am I doing something wrong? Is WDS inherently flaky? Is this just a flaky implentation?