Web gui won't load after failed NginxSSL install


I was trying to see if this little router had the ability to host a reverse proxy and when I went to install it errored out and wouldn’t load the web interface anymore. Have tried a bit in CLI but not getting very far. Using the commands it recommends all do nothing.

It is however passing internet just fine and doing its job as a router. I don’t really want to start with a reset as I haven’t made a backup as recently as I should have.

Any ideas on how to move forward?

Spoke a bit too soon as far as fixing it. I’m guessing the failed install is kicking about still but I was able to make a backup of /etc/nginx.conf and restored the auto backed up one called /etc/nginx.conf_old by duplicating it and omitting the “_old” part on the rename and then did a reboot. Back in action. Thanks anyway. Hope this helps someone in the future.

yes. You need to resture the nginx config.

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