Web interface fails after login

I have two GL-AR750S routers configured alike. One router has the latest firmware the other has older firmware from out of the box. I use Firefox on a Win 10 laptop to access the routers at The login screen looks normal and I enter the password. I see a “Success!” message, I’m redirected to “” and then a blank screen with a spinning circle that never ends. Otherwise the routers are working fine. I’ve never previously had any problem with accessing the web interface but now both routers give the same result. It seems like it must be a Win 10 issue but what?

I just tried Microsoft Edge and Chrome and both work fine. It must be a Firefox problem but what?

Do you have any add-ons in Firefox? If yes, try to disable it.
You can try to clear browser’s cache, it might help.

Yup, clearing the cache did it. Thanks agent_smith!

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