Web UI glitches - clients not showing up, buttons invisible

This is kind of two topics, so bear with me…

I replaced a bricked (my fault) AR750S with a Beryl MT1300 a little while back, but haven’t gotten around to really setting things up until recently. In the process, I noticed a few things that seemed a little glitchy to me.

One, both the main ‘Internet’ page and the ‘Clients’ page only show my laptop as an active WLAN client. Even when logged into the web UI from my tablet, it still shows the tablet as one of the ‘inactive’ clients.

Two, there were a few settings screens where I had a devil of a time configuring things, because the text was invisible, and the toggle buttons were the next best thing to invisible as well. If it wasn’t for looking at the screen shots in the documentation, and figuring out that there should be a toggle about… right… there! I never would have gotten it done.

Are these known, ongoing bugs? Are they on anyone’s radar to get fixed?

What’s the firmware version? The latest one is v.3.203 : GL.iNet download center
Also, use Chrome or Firefox or Safari browser to access the web panel.

It’s using the latest firmware, and I’m using the latest version of Firefox.

Should be fixed in firmware 3.211

Can you post a screenshot for better understanding?

Any idea when that’s going to be pushed out? My auto update shows 3.203 as being current.

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According to the docs, it should look like this:

Even then, the toggles / check boxes are damn near invisible in the un-checked state.