Webcam on the router

hello, I installed the webcam on the USB port of the router AR300M16 it works very well, my question is: can I view the webcam on a browser of the Android phone, thank you.

Never tried it, but check out [OpenWrt Wiki] Webcam with the Linux UVC driver

I did an opkg list on my MT-1300 and all the packages mentioned there are in the repository, so good chance it might possibly work :slight_smile:


Just spotted your hardware, it will be a slog for it!
Its not got full of CPU puff!


Here is a YouTube video on setting up a USB camera on OpenWRT:

You can view on a browser, but it is better to view the camera stream through one of the various Android apps (e.g., I have used tinyCam Monitor PRO).

If performance is bad, then you can try lowering the video resolution and/or frame rate.

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Because it uses mjpeg format. So it depends on the browser.

I think you can.