WebDAV in AR750 how to add. How to mount disk automatically on boot, on Stable 3.216

Hi all,
I want to install WebDAV according to this instruction - [OpenWrt Wiki] WebDAV Share

If you do not change the partition name to /disk, then you need to change it from “Basic data partition” in conf.d/99-disk.conf ?
Where should this script be changed?

It is necessary to make automount NTFS of any disks in /mnt/.
As I understand it, the sequence is:

  • Remove 50-samba
  • Then remove kmod-fs-ntfs

do as it says here? in /etc/hotplug.d/block/10-mount - [OpenWrt Wiki] Writable NTFS

“and my /etc/rc.local is empty because working ‘block mount’ in /etc/init.d/fstab”
where should I edit, /etc/rc.local or /etc/init.d/fstab?
where do you put the values in the file?
I need hot plug.

With that Install menu, in File Sharing, I haven’t clicked yet. But the samba files are in the firmware, and the usb disk is mounted on the “Basic data partition”, according to Luci.
Can you explain step by step please.

I ask the developers of beta v 4.3.6 to add File Sharing with webdav.

If suddenly there is not enough space, I will remove these packages:

And further. How to make a disk unmount script for Batch file on Windows. Or on the on / off button in the router. For what I would not do every time I go to Luci.