Webdav on flint 2

Hi. I’ve been trying to gain access to my 2Tb storage drive using the webdav protocols for the past week. I’ve filled all the steps on glinets docs page. And am using their recommended cx file Explorer for my s23 android device. I’ve configured everything to the letter. But when logging in using the cx app, i get to the disk 1- part 1 then to my folder i created. Then it says error and i can’t see any of my files. I can confirm the files are there coz when i plug it into my computer i gave access to all. But when i try using the cx app, i see nothing. And if i use the glinet app. I do have access to all the files. But that app is very cumbersome and won’t show the thumbnails of my photos. Hence, why I’m trying to find an android app that’ll display the thumbnails. Any assistance I’d greatly appreciate it. Not sure if this means anything but upon logging in, i do get a screen wanting to verify the certificate and i do agree even though it says it’s not trusted but after agreeing to trust it out does go through to my shared folder but then errors. So I’m thinking it’s a glitch in the firmware. I’m using 4.5.8 the latest release…

Any thoughts???

I figured it out… in order to use the webdav feature. You need to enable the samba protocol also. I wish this was better advised in the instructions when it was written… thanks anyway. This feature works great even with it’s encryption functionality and it’s not slow either.

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