WebServer Behind VPN Not Working

Hi, I run a webserver behind my AX1800 (Flint). I’ve enabled VPN for all devices (No VPN Policies). I’ve created Port-Forwardings from WAN to LAN for Port 80 and Port 443 to my webserver (say 192.168.8.xyz). It won’t work when I have VPN enabled.

I figured that when I have Internet Kill Switch enabled, connections from WAN to LAN and LAN to WAN will be blocked. Does that mean that when I have VPN enabled, all connections goes through another interface? Should I create a port forwarding rule from another interface to LAN? If so, which interface should I create? Any Firewall settings can I tingle to make it work? Thanks a lot.

First, try not using 80 and 443 for port forward.

When you enable vpn, port forward from wan to lan should still work.

You may need to turn off Internet Kill Swith in your application. Using this option, you will not have Internet if not using vpn. So pretty strict.