Welcome to test AX/AXT1800 official beta firmware with kernel 5.4

For AXT1800
for uboot: https://glinet-forum-cn.oss-cn-shenzhen.aliyuncs.com/firmware/AXT1800-KERNEL5.4/openwrt-ipq807x-glinet_axt1800-squashfs-nand-factory.img

for web upgrade: https://glinet-forum-cn.oss-cn-shenzhen.aliyuncs.com/firmware/AXT1800-KERNEL5.4/openwrt-ipq807x-glinet_axt1800-squashfs-sysupgrade.tar

For AX1800:
for uboot upgrade:https://glinet-forum-cn.oss-cn-shenzhen.aliyuncs.com/firmware/AX1800-KERNEL5.4/openwrt-ipq807x-glinet_ax1800-squashfs-nand-factory.img (only UI3.x to UI4.0)

for web upgrade: https://glinet-forum-cn.oss-cn-shenzhen.aliyuncs.com/firmware/AX1800-KERNEL5.4/openwrt-ipq807x-glinet_ax1800-squashfs-sysupgrade.tar

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Did it fix the wisp with 5ghz band + wpa3 issue? I can’t connect to remote AP that used wpa3.

Do not test wpa3,you can try it.

Why is this not on the official downloads site for Gl-iNet?

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These firmware files were made by @luochongjun and he only post them on our Chinese forum.


240038901 is a user of Glinet but not an employee of Glinet.
The firmware in the link is a test firmware compiled by me, which was originally intended for DIY users in China without a lot of testing.
However, since users have made the link public, they can also report back if they find problems during use


Is there an update available?

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still no updates? it’s been a while…

Client (WDS) mode does not work with the 5.4 kernel
5Ghz AX is faster ingress, slower egress, the opposite with the older kernel.
~750 Mbit down, ~550 Mbit up with Intel AX200
There are much less TCP retransmission on Wi-Fi with the new kernel.