Well-paid gig - to train and support the travel routers

Hello, I am not a technical person. I will be using the travel routers for a very long time - a number of years.

I will need someone available to teach me how to use it, and then help me set it up at the airbnbs and troubleshoot when there is an issue. This will be a long term project and we can have bi-monthly meetings to make sure everything is running well.

They must also understand which products are the best to chose for my needs and how and when to chose those products based on variables such as updates and EOL. Also they will need to know what I should look for and avoid at Airbnbs, so I can ask the hosts in advance.

Please let me know if there is someone that is interested in this long term project, that will likely only require work every so often, but will be working with someone totally untechnical, so it might take some time to help me troubleshoot when needed:).

Again - I will pay well.


Well, that’s not to hard.

  • Easiest is a wired LAN/Ethernet possibility without captive portal. That’s easiest because it would be plug and play!
  • Next up would be wireless without captive portal. With GL-inet’s gui is will be relatively simple to connect to wireless networks.
  • Harder is when captive portals are at play. So next would be wired LAN/Ethernet possibility with captive portal. This can be as simple as plugging in an ethernet cable; connecting one of your devices to the travel router and having a awesome “Login to use this wireless network”-notification popping up, which instantly takes you to the page in which you accept term/fill in any credentials/ticket you need to fill in. If you’re less fortunate you end up having to very much troubleshoot everything to figure out what tricks are being done to prevent you from using a travel router to use a captive portal.
  • Hardest would be wireless network with captive portal. This has all the fun of wired LAN/Ethernet possibility with captive, but with extra fun of possibly having fairly shitty wifi connectivity.

So basically: “Does accessing the internet require using a captive portal?” is in most important thing. But that’s already a pretty technical question. So as a more generic rule: Pretty much any accommodation selling wifi-cards/tickets for a certain duration/amount of data usage uses captive portals.

Additional points I always try to obtain while travelling is having a VPN service working as well in case I do not happen to trust the network or because firewalls block things I rather do anyway. In some places that can cause additional troubleshoot in case the accommodation has a firewall in place.

How would you see that troubleshooting work?
I mean you “might” not have internet yet or would you have 4G/5G on mobile?
What time zones are you travelling most in?
How frequently do you change accommodation? Most work is generally getting it working first time. Generally when set up at an accommodation, it will keep working; Might need a restart every once in a while, but that’s generally all)

Thanks for your response. I would need to know all of that type of stuff + details around models, updates, troubleshooting, etc.

I’ve had the MT300 and had problems with that and had to just reset to factory settings on occasions. I’m sure it’s because I’m doing something wrong. I’m really not technical at all. So I need someone to put together manuals I can just follow along to set it up and to troubleshoot.

I’ll be somewhere between EST and PST 7-5. But it could happen at night as well. I just need someone to be with me to set it up and respond if it goes down.

super cool project, and super interested, but you have outdated router there, buy new more powerful routers from gl.inet.

separate router for VPN ONLY, and WLAN only, in case you needed both, just cascade the connection, new router from gl.inet can provide you with this type connection out of the box.