Wget broken - libopenssl incompatibility

We are having issues with our mifi devices, wget is unable to function with bundled libopenssl version 1.1.1d-2.

Steps to reproduce:

Fresh flash of sensor firmware
SSH into sensor
Run opkg update - works as expected
Run opkg install wget - works as expected
Try using wget e.g. wget https://google.com or opkg update again
Result: Stream of error messages, starting with Error loading shared library libssl.so.1.0.0: No such file or directory (needed by /usr/bin/wget)
Error loading shared library libcrypto.so.1.0.0: No such file or directory (needed by /usr/bin/wget)
All downloads fail.

Reproduced with 3.009 and 3.105 firmware versions. To reproduce on 3.009 you need to opkg install libopenssl first.

Is there anywhere we can get a copy of the 1.0.2o-1 libopenssl package so we can try to downgrade it locally?

Sorry this is a bug and will upgrade the firmware.

For further info - This bug is not initially present in 3.105 because wget is part of the system and not installed via opkg, it is only when wget is installed that the incompatibility occurs. Wget is intalled via opkg in 3.009 firmware.

We use 3.009 firmware for our mifi’s, will there be an updated wget package or will we have to try to upgrade our firmware to the latest version? We run custom packages which limit the amount of space available, which is why we still use 3.009.

I see. The repo is updated so I broke the old firmware if you install pakages.

Maybe just use 3.105 or 3.201 which is coming.


Is this fixed? I have the same issue, I need to install luci-openvpn to have more control over the OpenVPN client on my GL-E750C6, but right now opkg doesn’t work because wget is broken due to libssl and libcrypto being missing…

Any chance for a manual workaround while you fix it for the longer term?

Best regards,

If you are in a hurry and don’t want to revert to the firmware without the issue, you can test the beta version of 3.201 here:


Thank you for the quick reply @Johnex.

I can definitely try that.

Any special instructions to upgrade to beta?
Can I then get back on GA releases after they go out?

Upgrade without saving settings, and you can flash the release version when it comes out as well. If you have any issues, you can use the debrick guide to go back to any firmware.

Wget is working, and I also see openconnect - 8.10-2, and also which is really all I needed.

Now on to try and make it work as an “on the go” device with built-in VPN clients :slight_smile:

One thing I did notice (presumably from the beta build), the side button, even if configured to initiate an OpenVPN connection, actually does nothing.
Before it would display a message on the screen and then connect, now it does nothing.
No message, no connection.

It’s not the end of the world, I can connect directly from the web UI, just thought I would let you know.

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Yeah only the base system itself has been upgraded for now. The UI has some issues, that is known. Keep an eye out for newer versions here:


Yeah I have the same issues with wget in my B1300 with 3.105. curl works though.