What a time to be a… beta tester

I was so excited to start testing this on my Bell Fibe (Toronto, Canada) 1000mbps/1000mbps fiber to the home connection. I run a multiple AP Unifi network in the top floor of the duplex we share with my in-laws (who live downstairs).
I received the unit Monday.
Rewind to last Friday, I went away to a cottage, come home Sunday to find out that Bell has CUT THE FIBER LINE TO MY HOUSE!!!
They can’t fix it until next Monday. That’s crazy!

So, I decide to put the Flint AX to the test.

Some background info:
My in laws and I use 2 different ISPs. We use Bell for internet and TV, they use the other major company Rogers for internet and TV since they have been using them for many years and hesitate to switch due to the channel lineup. I refuse to go to Rogers since their coaxial cable based internet is shared with the neighborhood an tops out at maybe 50mbps upload.

Anyways, their isp provided all in one router/switch/modem/firewall/access point is located in the basement on the north west corner of our 2 story house. My office is on the 2nd floor in the south east corner. I can barely catch their wifi if I’m standing on the same corner as the router with my iPhone XS. I can’t even see it if I move a few feet.

I started the Flint AX up in my office, scanned for networks, and chuckled while I saw the 5g network from the basement come up. “Wow! I bet it will fail to connect though”… nope, it’s successful. “Let me see how horrible a speed test is” 152 down 16 up! What the heck?! How is this even possible?!
So I ended up shutting down my Unifi network and using this as my main device until my internet is fixed.
This is actually insanely good.
I can’t wait to test some Wireguard speeds to my UnRAID box and PIA. Honestly, this thing is just incredible. Wow.
Brown nose rant over.


If the repeater works stable, then it is good.

… and as a Travel Router, repeater performance is very high up on the must-haves (it’s sad how many hotels have disconnected Ethernet ports, and so many more are WiFi-only now) so that’s excellent news how well it’s working!