What all does the Slate say when establishing a link with a hotspot? (how to change IDable info during event)

Hello for the second time.

the problem i have is my government phone’s hotspot knows how cool the slate is and is preventing internet from getting through. my last post was about this.

which leads me to the question: What and how does my phone know what about the device? and how to change it? i am aware of MAC addresses having vendors and makes identifiable somewhat but what else might tell my phone this neat neat gadget is trying to connect?

if this is not the reason why my phone declines sending me through the Slate im curious as to what else may it be.


is there log files that might shed light as to why the internet wont get though? where can i find them while ssh’ing? thanks. no i dont have lots of time to figure this stuff out i just want big tech to roll back the encroachment on muh liberties

I think I replied you via private message. But cannot find the reason.