What antenna for spitz

Hi all, just interested to know what kind of external antenna you are all using? And what kind of increase you see from the standard antennas?

I’m have a blue spot 4g5g but it only has 2 antenna, by mixing and matching I could double my upload speed to about 70mbps but download actually dropped a touch. I expect that’s because it’s not the right antenna for this device.

What do you use?

We have some recommendations GL-X3000 / Spitz AX - GL.iNet

Those antennas are not cheap though.

Those external antennas are recommended for Spitz GL-X750, as well?

Those antennas will definitely work with the GL-X750. Of course, they’re 4x4 antennas and the GL-X750 only supports 2x2 MIMO; but you can simply use the first pair of antenna cables (usually labelled ANT0 and ANT1, but occasionally there is no ANT0 so use ANT1 and ANT2). In fact, if you happened to have TWO GL-X750s, you could connect the second router to the reamaining two antennas. Using a 4x4 antenna may be a good idea to futureproof your installation so that when you upgrade your equipment (e.g. to something that supports 5G), you can still use those antennas.

Those same manufacturers offer 2x2 versions of their antennas as well which may run a bit cheaper; they’ll give you the same performance.