What are the plugins used for?

Hello, I am to the router thing and I have the SlateAX1800, saw a lot of plugins, can someone tell me in general what are they for? and do I need to download any of them? and is it something I need to get?


foreword i’m not expert
glinet routers are based on the openwrt os and openwrt has these various ‘3rd party’ plugins that you can install to get additional functions, something like app store …

Breaking things even further

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If the router is working fine for you, then it is best not to install any new packages.

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I installed and used the wakeonlan plugin successfully. This allows me to wake up WoL devices on the LAN remotely. I have a Synology NAS that is not always on but has its WoL checked. So I connect to my remote Mango’s WireGuard server and then ssh (to the Mango).

I run:
wakeonlan mac-address

(That’s the MAC address of the NAS’ LAN card).
The MAC address format should be: xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx

My NAS springs to life while I’m half the world away :slight_smile: