What are your MT1300 Beryl must-have plugins?

I recently purchased a Beryl and will use it for travel for security and better connections. (One hotel I use has a pretty low signal in many rooms.) I’ve got an SD card with movies and music for DLNA. I’ve got OpenVPN/OpenDNS configured to my VPN.

The basics work, but I’m curious to know what plugins might be a good idea to install? What plugins have you added that you must have with your Beryl?

I guess it depends on what you’re using it for.

Mostly, it’s for travel security and some DLNA movies. My question was really hoping to find the hidden gold in the long list of plugins.

I’m considering a few, mostly security:

  • OpenVPN (installed)
  • AdBlock (already on tablet & PC)
  • Unbound (secure DNS)
  • BCP38 (anti-DDOS, a low priority)
  • luci-app-stats (to play with)
  • banip (IP blacklists)

However, I haven’t had a chance to really read up on configuration, benefits, and drawbacks of the security plugins, so I don’t know much about the OpenWRT versions.

It doesn’t have a lot of memory or performance, so I keep mine to a minimum and just run OpenVPN.

That’s a great point! I was reading about those plugins on (I think) more powerful home routers. I’ll probably reduce my list to Unbound and maybe stats to keep an eye on it. Thanks!