What does the operator know about me when I use the modem GL-E750(Mudi)?

What does the operator know about me when I use the modem GL-E750(Mudi)? What is the difference between the phone in which I have an application from the provider and using a modem from which I receive only the Internet. After inserting the SIM card into the modem, does the operator see my traffic and other personal information? Yes, there is triangulation and the operator knows my location, and there is also a worldwide wi-fi map that is not difficult to find a user. I’m just curious from a researcher’s point of view. I would appreciate your thoughts.

There are databases, that can match your IMEI, IP, MAC address with your personal info.

The operator sees your IMEI, info about SIM which if they have your personal record they know it is you.

The thing you should hide is website you are accesssing. So you can use vpn on the router to hide your track.

The operator knows you are using vpn and a lot of data from them, but don’t know what you are doing on the Internet.


@alzhao Thank you very much for your help! So I have to:

  1. Change IMEI and MAC address in MUDI are the first important steps.
  2. As for the SIM card (data comparison), everything is clear with this (there are different solutions on this issue. But I understand that while the SIM card is inside the device, this is not very good))
  3. Next I need to use VPN -ok .
  4. I will wait when you can implement VPN+TOR+VPN or I2P . I like to travel around Asia and I would not want to be in a situation where a big firewall will turn my favorite MUDI into a brick)) If you have any more useful tips, I will be grateful to you.

@alzhao In continuation of the topic, I wanted to clarify with you. You write: The operator knows that you use vpn and a lot of data from them, but does not know what you are doing on the Internet.

And how does it happen technically? How does the operator that provides me with the Internet through a SIM card does not see what I am doing on the Internet? You want to say that he sees the ip addresses of the sites I access but does not see the traffic?

The second question is about the SIM card. Can the operator send an SMS that I will not see to receive technical information about my device, my location, etc.

As far as I know, even a feature phone without a modem has had this problem in the past.

Because you use a vpn.

Sorry I don’t understand.

@alzhao Thank you very much for your replies.

As for the first part of the answer, I understand you, the traffic is wrapped in a VPN.

As for the second question. When I insert a SIM card into my phone (that is, an application with a closed code that contains hidden functionality), then I get an operator menu. What this program does is known only to the operator. This can be the transmission of the serial number of the device, data on the country of activation, information about the firmware, the language used, as well as the base station identifier, which can be used to determine the approximate location of the user of the device, for example, Simjacker, etc.

So I was wondering how to avoid this. Or by changing IMEI , MAC address and using VPN am I protected ? If something like a SIM card isolation sandbox so as not to violate my privacy?

I would like to combine the topics as there is also a lot of useful information and your important answers for those who will search. What hardware identifiers can ISP get when I plug in USB 4g modem into Mudi - #4 by alzhao

The modem report various thing to the tower. One key info is IMEI. MAC will not be reported because it is not related to the modem.

While I don’t know what other info will be reported, the carrier always knows where you are because you are connected to their tower.