What hardware identifiers can ISP get when I plug in USB 4g modem into Mudi

Hi All,

I just had a question about hardware identifiers, I have a mudi 4glte modem, and I use a USB 4g modem with a sim inside the modem to give Internet to the mudi.

I wanted to know if the ISP would see any hardware identifiers such as device Mac or serial number of the mudi when i plug the USB modem in to the mudi.

Theoretically the ISP should just see the USB modems imei and the sim IMSI?

Any help would be apreciated :slight_smile:

Yes. This should be what they see.

Thanks for the respone @alzhao, so I could change the usb modem and the sim once in a while and it would be like a new IMEI AND IMSI each time it is changed. Moreover, I could continue using the same mudi without the ISP knowing its the same router?_

So not the Imei, s/n, or Mac address of the mudi could be picked up by the ISP, could you explain to me how it dosent, I’m just trying to get a better understanding of the networking :slight_smile:

These info will be sent to the carrier network in order to connect.

IMEI: the ID of the modem
ICCID: the ID of the SIM

The mac address, SN is the info of the router. It sit behind the modem and not send to the carrier. i.e. the carrier does not know if you are using the modem on a PC or router.


Great, thank you for that detailed description. I appreciate it. :slight_smile:

@alzhao can the ISP see the WAN macc address of the router, how do I randomized this?

Let’s be clear:

ISP that provide cable network to you will see WAN mac address.

In more settings->mac clone you can randomize mac address.

Carrier network does not see your mac address.