What I absolutely hate about openwrt


I am getting more and more pissed off with the quality of the openwrt-packages (or my own stupidity).

The maintainers seem to care not the tiniest bit about properly reflecting dependencies. I’ve seem this many times with perl-modules where it is utterly chaotic but the python-stuff seems to be just as bad…

What I want to to do is to set up a bluetooth access-point on my AR-300M. bluez is now in version 5 so all the old recipies using pand no longer work, it seems you need to talk to the bluetooth-demon via dbus now.

There is a package “bluez-examples” which contains some example-scripts in python but you cannot run them because they depend on a dbus-module that you cannot install because it depends on a “python-expat”-package that simply does not exist…

So the (transitive) dependency of “bluez-examples” on “python-expat” via “dbus-python” is not properly reflected. You can install a package containing scripts that you cannot run.

I am a but drunk, so I may be too harsh, but I call this crap.

Am I doing something fundamentally wrong here or is openwrt as bad as it seems to me at the moment?

How can I deal with this? Compiling everything myself? omg…

Many thanks!

Nice rant! - take a few aspirin for the head this morning :slight_smile:

I hate this as well. But I have nothing to do because this is the real world.

What do you want for “bluetooth gateway”? Can you give more details? Maybe we can just make this works better in our firmware.