What influence does the radio have on others?

I have a GL AR-150 which works very well. I have connected it to a “stronger” omnidirectional antenna, and adjusted the TX power to 13 dBm, and I have seen it perform very well, configured as a repeater, I had excellent performance with an antenna more than 100 meters away.

However, since I’m (obviously) on the same channel, I got a bit worried: Am I being noisy and drown the signal for everyone else, or am I being good by repeating the original signal and thus enhancing the signal for everyone?

I could see both things happening, as I could imagine that everything that comes to my antenna is repeated, so that people using the original ESSID are actually helped by the presence of my router and antenna. But OTOH, I could also imagine that the signal is not repeated, and only clients on my ESSID can take advantage of it, and thus, since I’m transmitting on the same channel, I effectively add noise…

So, which one is it?

It’s mostly just the repeating side - as the radio is doing double-time, and clients associated with the repeater

Everything on the channel is in the time domain, so when the AR150 is in repeater mode, time is cut by half for a single client attached to it, and then it’s traffic with the other clients attached to it.

You can do nothing about radio interference, I think.

If you used the same SSID and password, devices may just connect to your radio without problems and everyone is happy!

2.4G channels are crowded. As long as you can use then just enjoy.