What is expected support period for routers?

I have a GL-AR150 and a Slate-Plus travel routers.
The AR-150 was excellent for my needs back in the day but support for it stopped relatively soon.

Since I really like GL-iNet routers and I plan to get a couple for them for my home as well, I would like to know what is the expected EoL date for Flint and Slate AX (the primary and the secondary router that I plan to use at my home).

I know that a few people say that the support is generally long-term, but how long is the “long” for those products?

For completeness shake, what is the recommended method to get long-term support for those routers? Flash OpenWRT when the EoL approaches?

GL iNet can EOL products at any time and multiple times they have claimed chip shortages for the short life of some products.

Some models like the AR300M16 have had a good long life, but other models like the Brume-W (GL-MV1000W) that came out on Kick-Starter in June 2020 (before general availability) and was EOL November 2022, had a very short life.

I’m sad that I now have many different GL iNet routers, including a mixture of n300, USB150, AR750 and AR750S-EXT that are all now on the EOL list.

Although GL iNet normally supports firmware updates for 2 years after EOL, this may or may not help. I have been waiting since the first announcement for 4.x for the USB150 in Jan 2021, and it is still not even in beta. The USB150’s 2 year firmware support window ends in Dec 2023, so if I do receive a 4.x release, it will only have firmware support for a very short time.

Please note that not all GL iNet routers have OpenWrt firmware, so choose wisely.

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Here is a similar topic:

most don’t, but I ask myself: why isn’t the stuff needed to make them run stock openwrt pushed upstream?


My limited understanding is certain GL devices rely on a proprietary SDK that’s not F/OSS to fully support GL’s advertised features/specs.


If you’re worried about longevity (as I always am!), go for the Flint v1 (GL-AX1800) or Slate AX (GL-ATX1800); @solidus1983 already has some exciting builds for ‘pure’ OpenWrt Linux available if that’s more your speed/GL ceases support in the future.


Of course I don’t expect the gl.inet interface or goodcloud if I flash stock openwrt, but having the option would be nice.

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I don’t disagree but I don’t think GL is looking that far (one can dream, thou!); Hell, they don’t even have Tailscale fully supported & I know you’ve seen how many threads are inquires related to that… never mind the rather inconsistent nature of firmware versioning v feature sets.

I’m just happy @solidus1983 ‘picked up the glove’ to give us a couple of options.

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Of all the new routers, the Slate Plus seems to have the best OpenWrt support. This is even stated by GL iNet Staff:

Nice find but that’s not enough for me to go on. The Flint v1, Slate AX are also Qualcomm SBCs (IPQ6000, quad core, 1.2GHz v IPQ4018, quad, 717MHz).

I wonder if it’s a matter of the “QCA binary drivers” licensing… but I may be going a touch off topic here. I’ll wait for @solidus1983 to chime in with his perspective.

I don’t tend to change routers or AP often. Thus, I want to have support, or else, security updates as long as I keep them, typically 3-4 years.