What is the difference between XE-300 Puli and GL-E750 Mudi?

Hey everyone!

As per topic. I do feel that the only difference is the battery size, the max sd limit (you can’t use a 256 or bigger in the Mudi?) and that’s it.

I also have a couple of questions:

  • how’s the speed with OVPN or Wireguard? No problem in sustaining 2 virtual desktop connections over wifi?
  • can you connect and share a 4TB external 2,5 HDD?
  • Can you use the mudi as a powerbank to top-up your smartphone?

Which one would you recommend?

Many thanks

Basically for vpn, they are the same speed.

They also have the same capability for SD card etc.

Mudi charges your phone as a powerbank. But do not expect it charge quickly.

The only difference is that XE300 only has 2.4G but with 2 Ethernet port. It is upgraded version of MiFi.

The two product are targeting at consumer and commercial usage.

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